About Us

Meet the Instructor

Hello, and welcome to Apogee Pilates. My name is Kerri O’Dwyer and I have the privilege of being the Pilates instructor at the Apogee Pilates studio. Pilates has been a part of my life since 2006, when I started to regularly attend mat classes to complement my exercise routine of running, cycling and gym classes. However, I didn’t come to really rely on the practise until I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. After successful treatment, I turned to Pilates to help my recovery physically and emotionally. Regular mat and studio apparatus sessions saw me restore my physical and mental balance. Most importantly, my sense of self returned. I am very grateful to get to where I am today.

At the start of 2016, I decided it was time to leave my city job and retrain as a Pilates instructor. The Polestar Pilates Comprehensive course at Moss Pilates in London is the gold standard in Pilates Teacher training and is recognised in over 40 countries and backed by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Polestar is renowned for integrating the latest research and best practices in orthopaedics, sports medicine and movement science. My education continues with regular workshops and mentor sessions to keep me up to date with all the latest developments.

How am I different?

Actually, I don’t think I am that different. I’m a run of the mill mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend to many. I don’t embody the typical Pilates instructor image; I am tall, strong and can struggle with my weight like any normal human being (in large part down to my love of cake and prosecco!).  But I am committed to making real changes to the lives of the people I meet in the studio. I believe in active, but gentle learning at our own pace. I believe that EVERYONE should be able to move freely, feel better and live fully. And I believe that with Pilates, we can all reach ‘apogee’ – the state in which we feel perfectly at home in our bodies, with our bodies working and moving just as they should.

The Studio

Apogee Pilates has a fully-equipped studio with reformer, chair, half trapeze and ladder barrel, cosy enough for 1:1s yet big enough for small mat classes. Apogee is about active, but gentle learning, at each individual’s own pace. Instruction has a sense of mentorship while always keeping clients safe. Apogee Pilates supports and encourages each client in their Pilates journey, but clients are never pushed beyond physical or emotional limits.

Apogee Pilates.  Move better to feel better