Friends of Apogee Pilates

Kerri at Apogee Pilates has many people to be grateful to – both in and out of the Pilates world. As a small thank you for all their support I would like to give them a cheer:

Core Belief Pilates  This is where the love of the studio began – all thanks to a brilliant and awesome Pilates lady called Yusra!

Focused Pilates  This fellow Polestar Pilates instructor has held my hand when training has all seemed too much. Thank you to Emma for being wonderful!

Fine Styling  It was my lucky day when Fleur got her hands on me – an eye for clothes and for the human who wears them – she makes everyone feel special.

Moss Pilates  I have lived and breathed my training at Moss Pilates in London – my second home!

Beyond the Kitchen Table  This website and this small business! It’s amazing! All thanks to the patience and handholding of the straight talking Marie. 

Better Body Group  A real live gym – with normal people and amazing kit. They get me fit, nicely! 

Close to Hand  My fellow school mum who cares about the elderly community. What’s not to support?

The Cooking Apple  Pip, a cook extraordinaire who is happy to share all those secrets to make wonderful food. A culinary delight!

Jenny Physio  Jenny, a walking brain of everything body related and how to fix it, everyone needs this physio on speed dial!

Apogee Pilates.  Move better to feel better